I have created a new blog, I want to keep things fresh and not be reminded of the past that is bad. Check out my new blog here


We've moved.

So Dan and I finally finished the move to the top of Queen Anne in Seattle. It's a great family neighborhood, and I kind of feel like I live in a small town. Everything I need is within walking distance...work 5 minutes...grocery 3 minutes...coffee 5 minutes...fabric store 3 minutes...you get the idea. We are still unpacking, and with both us being the way we are, it will take forever. I've given myself till April 13th to have every box gone through (tossing and giving unneed things away). And with Dan's approval he said okay. So about 6 weeks to get it done, I think I can do it. I'm going to take pictures of my progress and post them here for all to see. Lets just hope that I can get everything organized at the same time.


New Things

Well, I haven't written on my blog forever, but I do have new things going on in my life. I didn't get married, things just ended up not working out. It's all for the best. But the best news is, I'm pregnant, 15 weeks along. I'm so excited. I just thought I'd make an update, due to the changing news, and I'll start using my blog again soon.


Patterndrafting Projects

Here one of my projects for Patterndrafting. It's a jacket.

And this is my final for the class, a cute top that I am totally in love with and will wear a lot!


George is Back!

Over the Holiday, George went to Kentucky to learn about how things go there. He finally came back a few weeks ago, and look at everything he brought back with him! He told me that he had so much fun, but missed me very much. So I'm going to make it up to him, by making him some more clothes soon.

I was surfing the web yesterday, between cleaning, cleaning, homework, cleaning, and more cleaning...anyways, I found this adorable pear pincushion that I really want to make, but I'm not sure about how I would go about doing this. If anyone knows of a pattern, please let me know. I would love to have a new pincushion for school!


Penguin Rain Boots

So I totally found these at j. crew last week. I really really want them, rain boots here are must. Yeah, I already have one pair, but a pair with penguins on them that are lined with sherpa would be amazing. Okay that's all for now.


George's New Clothes

George's New Clothes
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I decided to take the draping skills that I have been learning in school, and apply them to making George a new pair of overalls (since we moved, and forgot his other ones in Iowa). I think that they turned out really well.

I finally found a job, which was amazing, I didn't think I'd ever get one. Today was my first day, and it wasn't too bad. Oh yeah, I'm working at Simply Seattle (a tourist shop).

School is going by fast, and it's pretty fun too! I'm finally starting to see the rain. After moving to Seattle, up until this week it hadn't rained but 2 days in the month in a half. Now it's raining everyday, but not like rain in Iowa. It's not thunderstorm weather at all, and it makes me miss home more.