Gimme Your Stuff

Okay so I'm going to try this thing, because I am in desperate need of lion bars. Yeah, I said it, lion bars. Some of you know what they are, and those who don't...well try to find someone who does to send you some. Anyways it's a cultural exchange blog where you can swap items of significance to your area with items from others around the world. Yep I copy and pasted the italics.

But anyways, I'd be willing to send anything that anyone wants. I do send brownie mix every once and awhile to my friend in England. And I'd like to recieve, yeah I already said it, lion bars, or even the penguin chocolates. I also love fabric and yarn, any kind would be awesome. This sure is making me think, I hope Zac brings back fabric for me from Japan :]

Gimme Your Stuff

Update okay, so ideas of what I can send:
crafting supplies
handmade items (check my blog)
mixes for baking (like brownies & cookies)

what I would like:
what's with these Japanese craft magazines? I'd love to know if they are all people talk them up to be
any graphic design or craft magazine
anything Diddl
shot glasses
penguin stuff

update I am now living in Seattle, Washington and attending school for fashion design. I would love to receive fashion magazines from where you live.


crazycatladymel said...

Thanks for letting me know about the ribbon swap! I signed up right away.

ambermoggie said...

can send penguins, lion bars and scottish tablet(like fudge)
would love yarn(wool pref) or ??

carolb said...

Lion Bars???? Oh my God. I haven't thought about those in YEARS. We had them overseas, and they are British, aren't they? We'd have Lion Bars and Galaxy Bars. YUM!

Shannon said...

Best damn candy bar in the universe!!!!!

kareenvexa said...

Let's make a "magazine" swap. i'll swap you fashion magazines. we have alot here and you send me either I-D, Flaunt or Nylon magazines. e-mail me at kaleidofiction@yahoo.com if you are interested. my swap list address is: stamparlad.blogspot.com. Happy swapping! -Karen

Vickie said...

Do you fancy swapping scrapbook supplies for Lion bars and Penguins? Have a look on my blog to see what else I can swap, or if you have your own ideas of what you'd like just let me know.
Vickie X

Nikki said...


My name is Nikki, I'm from australia and i would love to do a swap with you. I love anything american espically broiled steak (seasoning)made by mccormick, i went to the states last year and it was awsome, If you would like to swap with me and get some Aussie stuff leave me a msg at